Exhibitor Information

LEAP Youth Career Expo
The Learning Endorsements and Professions (LEAP) Expo provides area 8th grade students with the opportunity to speak with local professionals and gain a better understanding of career pathways.  The LEAP Expo features local employers from a wide variety of industries, non-profits, education and training providers, and Career/Technical Education programs from local high schools.  Students are encouraged to engage with exhibitors and use the opportunity to expand their knowledge of local careers.  Students will use this knowledge as they select a high school Endorsement and other career related decisions in the coming years.  

Why participate as an exhibitor?
  • Help students connect their interests with career exploration
  • Provide students with a better understanding of local career options
  • Promote your organization to hundreds of local students, teachers, and parents across the region
  • Connect students to your career/industry with hands-on activities and materials
You can set up your table from 2:00 – 5:00 PM on September 7th, which is the day before the event.  Our staff will be     at the convention center to direct you to the correct table. 
You can also set up your table beginning at 8:00 AM Friday September 8th, the day of the event.  
All exhibitors need to be in place no later than 8:45 AM.  
Please park in the first few rows closest to the convention center, leaving the other space in the parking lot for buses.

An information sheet will be at each table, which will contain the Wi-Fi password
If you requested electricity on your registration form, we will do our best to place your table close to an electrical outlet.   Please bring extension cords in case you need them. 

We will have a morning and afternoon session for the students. Time for the first session will be 9:00-11:00 and the         second session from 12:00-2:00
The convention center will be split into 4 sections, with the 5th section being outside.  Students will be split into 5             groups, spend about 20-25 minutes in a section, then rotate. We will continue to rotate students until they’ve had a         chance to visit all 5 sections.
We currently have about 1000 students scheduled to attend this year’s event.  You are welcome to bring giveaways for   the students, but it is not required.
Each student will be given a bag at the front door to hold any giveaway items.

Lunch and refreshments
• Coffee and Water will be available throughout the event.  These will be set up in the back hallway, opposite the               Convention Center entrance.
• Lunch will be provided after the first group of students leave.  We should have about 45 minutes for lunch before the       second group of students arrive.